Eternity Mini - THEIA-O (Blue)

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Mother of the light-beaming sun,
Moon and dawn, of utmost clarity
That shines light into the darkest of worlds,
Brightening our paths with its all-encompassing love.

Inspired from Make Love, Not War”. Symbolizing life in a bullet shell can be more powerful than gunpowder. Handcrafted with a frozen flower & Swarovski crystals to represent an everlasting love that will never wither.

Within each necklace is a real flower that underwent a frosting process to retain its natural and exquisite form. It will bloom in a dry and cold environment and close when it is moist and warm. More info.

Every Eternity Mini Theia is handcrafted with the following main materials.

  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Engineered Glass
  • Frozen Flowers (JP)
  • 65cm 316L Stainless Steel Chain 
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Elegantly Handcrafted Each and every jewelry is handcrafted delicately.

delicated craftsmenship

How the Eternity is made

Every eternity necklace is crafted with

  • 316 L Stainless Bullet
  • Frozen Flower from Japan that lasts forever
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Engineered Glass
  • Love and Passion

Recently viewed

Where it all begun

"Firstlight" & "Nightfall"

A miniature living terrarium, originally 3D Printed and self-assembled in a small bedroom in Singapore. This living bullet concept had reinvigorated the market and breathed new life into traditionally dull and static jewelry collections.

The first seed to many years of bullet-jewelry making.

Frozen Flower

Eternity I (One)

The first initiation of encapsulating a frozen flower into the bullet necklace after strong interests from fans. A simple passion of handcrafting had begun to catch the eyes of many.

The Eternity Collection, which contained the firearm fashion of bullet-shaped pendants, became the brand's initial design.

Going Official

Gentle Mayhem

The introduction of Eternity II – an entirely handmade 316L Stainless Steel piece that held Swarovski Crystals – symbolised the start of becoming an official company, branding ourselves as Gentle Mayhem.

Primarily designing jewelry for family and friends, extensive Instagram attention produced mass interest in the necklace and led the hobby into an official business to reach the hearts of people worldwide.

Yume (n.) - ゆめ, 夢, dream.


The release of our second major collection that catapulted us on to the global stage.

"Take me to your other world." Inspired by dreamscape and designed with a Japanese approach, YUME is handcrafted with Swarovski Crystals as the center of focus to represent a gateway into one's inner world.


3rd year anniversary party

A celebration with the release of a capsule collection, commemorated at retail store ACTUALLY in Orchard Gateway, Singapore.

Collection 'Childhood 6:16' plays with childhood sentiments while adopting a mischievous approach – conveying the nostalgic feelings of recalling one's youth in adulthood through themes of childhood play, gaming addictions and 'playing with fire'.

Expanding Eternity

Eternity Mini

A match made in heaven collaboration with a flower nursery from Japan allowed us to offer an extensive flower variation of exquisite colors, whom we are still working closely with until this day.

Alongside this, a down-sized version of the original Eternity necklace was introduced after months of trial and error, by popular demand from customers.

Tough, but necessary

Gentle No More

In early 2021, the strain of COVID-19 led to an important and unavoidable decision to rebrand ourselves into Gentle No More. This resolution supported us into moving toward a more sustainable business model while simultaneously allowing greater creative freedom in experimental projects, conceptualisation, and material research.

Smallest bullet ever

Eternity Miniest

As the world celebrates the freedom to socialise after an endless period of lockdown, drama and decadence were the season's dynamic. Gentle No More honours the occasion, developing a bullet variant small and light enough to be worn as an earring.

The Eternity's ammunition-shaped showstoppers have become fashion's eternal flame. This symbol of revitalisation and love is captured in the bullet-shaped pendants, no matter the variations.

Final steps


We looked back at who we are and the stories we truly want to bring into the world.

Through years of hardship and self-improvement, we stand firm as a pair of independent creatives who formed what Gentle No More is today – a Product Designer and Artist seeking to translate meaningful stories into wearable items by merging the aspects of product design and arts into jewelry production.