Orpheus Series: A Tribute to Eternal Love

The Orpheus series is named after Orpheus, the talented musician and poet from Greek mythology, incorporating his heartfelt story with his beloved Eurydice. This series not only pays homage to ancient tales of love but also symbolizes the union of enduring love and talent.

The story of a talented young man and a beautiful woman who meet and deeply love each other, but fate plays a cruel joke on them. On the day of their wedding, Eurydice tragically dies from a snake bite accident and is sent to the Underworld. Orpheus, out of love, ventures alone to the Underworld. His mournful playing moves the Underworld ruler Hades and queen Persephone, who agree to let him take his wife back to the world of the living, on the condition that he does not look back at her until they have reached the surface. If he does, Eurydice will be forever trapped in the Underworld.Orpheus Mourning the Death of Eurydice by Ary Scheffer, ca. 1814

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As Orpheus and Eurydice journey back to the surface, Eurydice remembers Hades' instructions and remains silent. However, as they near the surface and Orpheus sees the light of the world, he cannot resist looking back at Eurydice. Despite their proximity to the surface, Eurydice is pulled back into the darkness, forever lost to the Underworld, and a heartbroken Orpheus loses his beloved once again.Orpheus and Eurydice

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Devastated, Orpheus continues to play his lyre, his music still enchanting, attracting the attention of many women, but he pays them no mind. One day, these women, puzzled by his lack of attention, become angry and kill him. In the end, he successfully descends to the Underworld and can be forever with Eurydice, perhaps where his heart truly belongs.The death of Orpheus, 1874

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The love between Orpheus and Eurydice transcends death, demonstrating an enduring love. This is precisely what the Orpheus collection represents, preserving eternal beauty through immortal flowers, symbolizing the persistence of love and its everlasting nature. Each piece of jewelry is a tribute to the deep and passionate love between Orpheus and Eurydice, as well as a pursuit of eternal love and talent.

Eternity Miniest - Orpheus (Red) - Gentle No More

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