"Alive" - Frozen Flowers


The frozen flowers are real flowers that have undergone a frosting process to retain its natural and exquisite form.

They will bloom in a dry and cold environment, and close when it is moist and warm.

Generally, frozen flowers can survive independently with little air humidity for at least ten years. No watering required.

In the Eternity series, two tiny holes are present along the groove line of the top bullet piece - they help to provide air flow for the flower, and hence, allowing the flower to react accordingly to the atmosphere.


Hi Tommy! Great question! The Japan nursery claimed that the 10 years mark is only a benchmark they set for themselves, and essentially the flowers should live beyond this period. We still have the first batch of flowers we imported in 2014 and they are still looking great. In the event, after 10 years, and your flowers has died, we’ll be more than happy to replace one for you! In fact, I’m sure we’ll be touched to see our creation from the customers after 10 years too :)

Gentle No More October 20, 2021

nice! quick question , so after 10 years the flower will eventually just die right? what happens with the rest of the necklace are we able to replace the flower with a new one? Just really curious on how that would work, still want to buy the product! Thank you

Tommy October 20, 2021

Hi Preston! Good question! We import the flowers directly from Japan and according to the nursery, the flowers are resistant against extreme temperature, but generally we would avoid leaving the flowers directly under the hot sun for a long period of time. It’s best to keep them in a dry and cool place when not in use. Thank you!

Gentle No More August 25, 2021

this is the coolist

Jayson Snyder August 25, 2021

Hello, is there a temperature i should stay away from? I would hate for it to dry up or shrivel.

Preston August 25, 2021

This is so beautiful.

Veronica May 06, 2017

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