To protect the durability and quality of your jewelry, please read the care instructions below:

Remove your jewelry before a shower or bath.

Remove your jewelry during physical work or exercise: such as running, swimming or gardening.

Avoid wearing jewelry when in the swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna/steam room.

Avoid wearing your jewelry to sleep, or on the bed.

Avoid wearing your jewelry when performing heavy duty tasks and grinding on hard surfaces.

Avoid direct contact with corrosive agents such as soap, cream, perspiration, water, sun, heat and chemical products. Direct contact with chlorine, detergents, oils & perfumes can all cause damage.

Jewelry should be carefully stored. Care should be taken to protect it from knocks, chemicals, perspiration, extreme temperatures & direct sunlight.

Thoroughly dry jewelry after exposure to water.

Gently wipe clean with microfiber cloth or 100% cotton fabric.

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