The Argante Collection: Inspired by the Silver Queen of Avalon

The Argante Collection is inspired by the legendary Queen Argante of Avalon, known as the Silver Queen, whose name derives from the Old Celtic word for silver, Arganto. Queen Argante is depicted as a mysterious and powerful figure, possessing the power of healing and protection, and serving as the guardian of Avalon. Her story is imbued with elements of magic and wonder, making her a captivating source of inspiration for our jewelry.
Queen of Avalon Argante Morgan Fairy
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In Layamon's "Brut," an early version of the Arthurian legend, Arthur is taken to Avalon and healed by the magical waters by a unique Anglo-Saxon version of Morgan: a fairy queen named Argante.

The Argante Collection features jewelry with a silver color scheme. The petals of the flower, available in various colors, symbolize mysterious powers or qualities associated with Queen Argante. For instance, red represents courage and determination; blue signifies wisdom and insight; and purple embodies mystery and sanctity. These colors resonate with the story of Queen Argante, symbolizing her wisdom, strength, and mystique.

Eternity Miniest - Argante (Red) - Gentle No More

Wearing these pieces allows one to feel the mystique and power of Queen Argante, akin to her story, gaining the power of protection and healing.Eternity Miniest - Argante (Red) - Gentle No More model wear

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