Meraki Volume IV

Chapter 4: Meraki
Introduction to Transcendence's arc.

Strongly inspired by the meaning of a Greek word "Meraki".

(n.) the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

Handcrafted with resin & other mediums to portray the soul of one's intriguing creation while the metal top translate the motion of someone pouring his or her essence in.

Photographer: Cheryl H. (@faithcheryl)
Art Direction: Jaren Neo (@dabiuque)
Model: Valerie Wang (@valerie_wang)


Hi Antoneta! Well, we picked up the word a while back from a literature article. We didn’t know what exactly does ‘meraki’ means back then, but after googling up its meaning, we were really fascinated by it. (:

JXKL January 13, 2016

Hello there ! I really admire your job and I am curious about one little thing ; how did you come up with the name ‘meraki’ ? Oh and I am Greek ;)

Antoneta January 05, 2016

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