3rd Year Anniversary Party

The collection aims to fuse the best of both worlds - Gentle Mayhem and ATLASTA. The result of this collaboration is ‘Childhood 6:16’, which plays with childhood themes whilst adopting a subversive and mischievous approach - Featuring a range of stunning designs which play with the idea of youth as a disconnect from reality and temporary abdication of responsibility.

Gentle Mayhem have handcrafted a series of conceptual pieces. Intricate and detailed, this is by far the most challenging project Gentle Mayhem has ever taken on, and therefore fitting for a brand celebrating its three-year milestone. Each piece aims to convey the nostalgic feelings of recalling youth in adulthood and explore the collection’s key themes of childhood play, gaming addiction and ‘playing with fire’.

The launch of Childhood 6:16 kickstarted with a showcase of a short film created specially to celebrate the brand’s collaboration, showcasing the very finest pieces from the capsule collection’s new designs. This fashion film has significant pedigree, directed by GHOSTCHILD with partnership with Moment, Inc. 

The tagline for the new collection is, “We didn’t know we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun,” and the attendance to this evening event had the chance to reconnect with their own childhood yearnings and recollections in profound and unexpected ways.

The anniversary party, together with the capsule collection launch, took place at ACTUALLY in Orchard Gateway, Singapore, on 10th February 2018, 7pm-10pm.

View Childhood 6:16 Collection here.

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