The Behemoth Jewelry Collection: A Tribute to Biblical Majesty

Our 5th jewelry collection, Behemoth, draws inspiration from a mythical creature described in the Bible, specifically in the Book of Job, chapter 40, verses 15-24. This creature is depicted as a colossal and immensely powerful animal with bones as hard as copper, capable of carrying mountains on its back. According to the scripture, Behemoth is often seen as a symbol of the power of nature and divine creation. Its image and significance have been widely used in literature and art to convey strength, resilience, and the eternal spirit.

Behemoth- A giant monster
Source of Image: Pinterest

Inspired by this magnificent creature, we present the Behemoth Jewelry Collection, a tribute to the legend and the awe it inspires. The collection features meticulously designed deep red bullet-shaped pendants, symbolizing the robustness and strength of the Behemoth. Each pendant contains a red frozen flower, representing the eternal spirit and unyielding strength of the Behemoth.

The collection consists of two variations, each featuring a different color of crystal:

  • White Crystal: Symbolizing the purity and untainted power embodied by the Behemoth.ETERNITY MINI - BEHEMOTH (CLEAR) LIMITED EDITION
  • Black Crystal: Reflecting the mystery, depth, and hidden strength of the mighty creature.

The Behemoth Jewelry Collection is more than just a series of accessories; it is a celebration of a legend that speaks of might, endurance, and the beauty of eternal strength. Each piece is crafted to remind the wearer of their own inner power and the unyielding spirit that lies within.

Wearing a piece from the Behemoth Collection is akin to carrying a piece of ancient legend with you—a symbol of the mountains you can move and the strength you possess. Embrace the legend, feel the power, and let the Behemoth be your guide.

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