Poseidon Collection: Jewelry Inspired by the Sea God's Power and Legend

This is the third piece of the brand series story, and today we're going to talk about the Poseidon series. This series is inspired by Poseidon, the sea god from Greek mythology.

Who is Poseidon?

God of Sea- Poseidon

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He is the son of Cronus and Rhea, and the brother of Zeus and Hades. Poseidon rules over the seas, earthquakes, and horses, symbolized by his trident, a powerful weapon.

Poseidon's story is filled with strength, passion, and control over nature. According to myth, he resides in a palace beneath the sea, using his trident to control the storms and earthquakes of the ocean. Poseidon often interacts with other gods and humans, showcasing his power and influence. Sometimes depicted as a temperamental deity, he can cause fierce storms and earthquakes when angered.

Let me share with you a fascinating tale from ancient Greek mythology about how the city of Athens got its name and its divine protector.

Long ago, in ancient Greece, the gods Poseidon and Athena competed to become the guardian of a newly founded city. To win the favor of its people, each god offered a unique gift. Poseidon struck his trident into the ground, creating a powerful spring of saltwater, symbolizing naval power and strength. Athena, in turn, planted an olive tree, representing peace, prosperity, and sustenance. The people, impressed by the olive tree's promise of long-term benefits, chose Athena as their protector. Thus, the city was named Athens, honoring the goddess of wisdom and war, who had given them the gift of enduring prosperity.

Series Inspiration

Gentle No More- Poseidon Necklace with White Crystals
Gentle No More- Poseidon Necklace with Black Crystals
  • Design: 

    The bullet-shaped necklace in deep blue symbolizes the unmatched power of the sea god Poseidon and the depth of the ocean.

  • Crystals:

    White crystals: Represents the gleam of the trident and the shimmering reflection of the sea surface.

    Black crystals: Symbolizes his strength and controlThe different crystal colors carry different meanings, reminding us of the dual nature of the ocean—mysterious and beautiful yet powerful and dangerous.

  • Blue frozen flower:

    Represents the eternal beauty and mystery of the sea, much like Poseidon's eternal rule over the ocean.

This design is for those who love the sea and wish to embody courage and strength.

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