Game(over)boy - Black

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In collaboration with ATLASTA, capsule collection "Childhood 6:16" aims to showcase childhood themes whilst adopting a subversive and mischievous approach - Featuring a range of designs which play with the idea of youth as a disconnect from reality and a temporary abdication of responsibility. 

Intricate and detailed, this is by far the most challenging project Gentle Mayhem has ever taken on. Each piece seeks to convey the nostalgic feelings of recalling youth in adulthood and an exploration of the collection’s key theme - gaming addiction and ‘playing with fire’.

Every Game(over)boy piece is handcrafted with the following main materials.

  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Inter-changeable cartridge piece
  • 80cm 316L Stainless Steel Chain


    All our designs are handmade by our crafters in Singapore.

    This order batch will end on 7th May 2022 or when the qty of restock we are bringing in gets sold out as well (whichever comes first)!

    Due to overwhelming orders, and in order for us to ensure and maintain the best handmade quality for each individual necklace, all orders will take up to 2 weeks.

    Estimated ship-out date for this batch is between 25th - 27th May 2022. 

    Free DHL EXPRESS shipping for all international orders above $50 (Worth $19.99)!

    Eternity II

    Length: 7.0 cm / 2.8 in
    Diameter: 1.2 cm / 0.5 in

    Eternity Mini
    Length: 5.6 cm / 2.2 in
    Diameter: 1.0 cm / 0.4 in

    Eternity Miniest
    Length: 4.2 cm / 1.6 in
    Diameter: 0.7 cm / 0.3 in

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