Note:  You are strongly encouraged to check your ring size with your local professional jeweller before placing your order.

Right-Click on the image below and select Save Image As.
  1. Print the image without scaling and ensure the length from the 'Read Size Here' line to the end is 3.5 inches.
  2. Cut out the printed image, then wrap the sizer around the desired finger. Read the number next the 'Read Size Here' line. ring sizing instruction
  1. Wrap a piece of loose string around your finger. Be sure to allow for the size of your knuckle.
  2. With a pen, mark the point on the string where the end meets.
  3. Using the chart above, place the end of the string on the left hand line next to the 'Read Size Here' and stretch the string along the sizer toward the numbers.
  4. The pen mark on your string should line up with a number to indicate your ring size.

International Ring Size Conversions: Not sure what's your ring size in US ring sizing? Fret not, please use this conversion chart (Ring Size Converter) to convert your ring size to US ring sizing. 


Note (again): Online charts or using string or paper to work out your size is often unreliable.

Make sure to factor in which hand you want to wear the ring on, and check that space between the base of the finger and the knuckle is wide enough to accommodate how tall the ring measures.

The heavier and wider a ring is, the larger the size you will typically need to wear. You may prefer to get one US size bigger to your usual ring size when choosing a heavy and wide ring.

Nonetheless, an experienced jewellery store assistant should be able to advise you whilst you are being measured.

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