Refund policy

If you wish to return any goods, you expressly understand and agree to conform the Goods Return and Exchange Policy and its terms and conditions stated below.

(i) Goods damaged on arrival
If you discover that your goods and/or packaging are visibly damaged on arrival, you should either write on the delivery note that the packaging is damaged, or refuse to accept the delivery. Please also contact us within seven (7) days with details of the damage (pictures and description etc). This will help us considerably in raising the matter with our appointed courier. Once we receive the damaged goods in our warehouse, we will then replace them for you.

(ii) Goods not as ordered
If you receive a different goods from what you have ordered, we strongly recommend that you notify us as soon as possible through our Contact page. Please also provide us with your Invoice Number and a clear snapshot of the mailing envelope (with the mailing label and postage stamps in view) together with the incorrect good received.

(iii) Exchange of goods
Requests for a one-time exchange are allowed only when you have received (i) an incorrect good, or (ii) a defective good. Requests for exchanges other than the above reasons will not be entertained.

Regardless of the reason of the request for exchanges, exchanges are allowed only if the good in concern is (i) unwashed and in a (ii) brand new and saleable condition. Requests for exchanges will be rejected if any of the above criteria is not met.

If all of the above criteria has been met, please contact us within seven (7) working days from when the good was dispatched to request for an exchange. Requests for exchanges will not be entertained after seven (7) working days from when the good was dispatched. All exchange cases opened (signified by the first reply from Gentle No More) will have 30 days to be completed, Gentle No More will not be obliged to follow up on the case on the 31st day.

All exchanges are assessed on a case-by-case basis and we reserve the right to exercise discretion in permitting or rejecting all requests for exchanges.

All goods can only be exchanged for the same design, as our products are made by demand. They cannot be exchanged for other products. However, in the event whereby the originally purchased good is out of stock in all colors, you will be offered an exchange for another good of your choice with the same or lesser price than the originally purchased good. You may choose to exchange it for a good of a higher price than the originally purchased good if you are willing to make a top- up of the difference in price.

(iv) Agreement upon returning
If you receive any goods and wish to return the goods to Gentle No More, you expressly understand and agree to conform to the following:
a. Gentle No More will accept goods sold only on Gentle No More Website.
b. Inspection of the products must be carried out on the date of acceptance of the product (ie within the day when you receive the goods itself).
c. All returns must be packaged in a manner to prevent any additional damage to the product.